Message from the President

Gregorio B. Anonas III

Dear Members and Friends,

Welcome to the CTB website!

Today’s highly connected society creates a world driven by data – data which are the core of every enterprise, and the backbone of every industry. Now, as we bask into this age of digital innovations and integration, we strive to keep our pace by putting more data online. In lieu of this initial step towards digitization, this website contains information about CTB and its projects, as well as updates on issues that affect the industry.

This website also provides a seamless communication that encourages sharing of ideas between the organization and its stakeholders. We encourage everyone to take advantage of our online resources and to check back regularly for news and announcements to stay informed.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on our organization’s initiatives and the industry positions, for us to forge a well-rounded approach to our future actions.

Let us work together towards a better CTB as we continuously improve our digital services for the benefit of our businesses and our clients.


Gregorio B. Anonas III